mentoring & learning photographers

Shoot Out


Details :

Come with me to a family session in Sarasota, Fl and shoot along side of me! You will watch, learn and shoot with me the entire session. This is an awesome opportunity to see how to naturally pose families, how to find connection with your client and how to have a client lead session. You will also learn how to properly set your camera so you don’t have to fix images after the session. Get them right in camera to save so much time editing. Finally, I can teach you how to shoot in Manual mode if you would like to learn and give you other tips on how to use your camera properly. One week later we will have a 30 minute online live follow up chat on any questions you had about our session or camera use.

What does this include?

An hour with me before a session and an hour shooting a real family session that I will book. Natural family lead posing ideas, how to use the sunset hour properly and how to work with clients. How to set your camera for proper exposure so that you nail your images in camera. No more wasting hours in photoshop after a session! We will spend an hour together before the session talking about camera use and posing. How to create a variety of images for your clients gallery. 30 minute online live followup chat to discuss and review.

What’s not covered?

Family prep, post processing and day to day business function.

Shoot Out + Post Processing


Details :

Everything above and 2-3 hours sitting together at a coffee shop culling and editing the session we shot together. I’ll show you how I cull and edit a session. How to fix images that didn’t come out perfectly in camera. Ways to cut down the time it takes to edit a session so you can get your life back. How to present a gallery to your client in a timely manner with images that are consistently edited. Photoshop and Lightroom tricks. How to deliver your session to your client in a professional manner. How to be a confident in your business and style. In addition, I will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. I’m an open book for the time we are together. I am there to help you with anything you need for the post processing for 2-3 hours! One week later we will have an optional 30 minute online chat to to follow up on any questions you have. Camera is required, Laptop is helpful and basic PS or LR knowledge is needed.

What does this include?

Come with me to a session and then lets edit it together and talk about how the session went!

What’s not included?

Branding and marketing yourself, client wardrobe and styling.