the artist & photographer i'm jill

Photography is the one thing I do that takes my mind off of everything else. When I get behind the camera my whole world shuts off and I get an amazingly clear focus of what I want to do. I start seeing photos in my head before they happen and I get pumped up about that!

I started off back in 2011 with zero knowledge or training, but a ton of heart and determination. I have spent the past 6 years humbly learning and growing my business. Bring no expectations of being the perfect family in front of the camera for me, because your family is perfect just the way it is. My goal as a photographer is to capture your family as they are right now.

I want you to remember how tightly your kids hug you when you hold them. How they run freely towards the water in the sunset light. How your little one reaches up towards you to pick them up. Those little in-between moments that seem to get lost as the years past. I want you to be able to look back ten years from now and remember so clearly how your kids loved you at that moment.

10 random facts I’ve ran a half marathon

I’ve taken the damn damn tour in Nevada

I’ve hiked on Mount Rainer in Washington

I’ve surfed in deep blue water off the tip of Baja Mexico

I met my husband while surfing here in Sarasota

I danced in a Superbowl pregame show

I own chickens in my backyard

I have a teaching degree that I have never used

I’ve drank coffee in downtown Seattle

I have 3 boys of my own that I love to take camping